Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bring home the (good) bacon

Please take a moment to read a funny blog entry by Steakbellie: Turning Over A New Leaf. With his usual wit, he has cast forth a few interesting theories on Canada-U.S. relations. THIS is the guy who should have David Wilkins' job. Steakbellie's unique insight to the Canadian mindset is clearly beneficial to us all.

Many Americans seem universally puzzled and amused by their neighbours to the north. But is there a physical difference between Canadians & Americans? Are we not ALL Americans in the continental sense of the word? We all go to work/school, raise our kids, daydream about vacations, sit in traffic, pay our taxes, complain about the government, and save up for retirement.

Of course there are glaring differences in culture and identity -- things like universal healthcare, constitutional monarchy, gay marriage, and great beer. There are also perceived differences -- misconceptions that it's somehow nicer in the North, somehow less stupid.

Yeah, I wish:

Money: $1 USD = $1.15 CDN .... 15%

Sorry, not as much bang for yer duotone buck. Two years ago this week, our dollar was trading at $1.32. We've come a long way, baby. Not ALL good news, when ya think about the part where we're less competitive in foreign markets, not to mention the sudden drought of tourists. Hungry American Tourists.

Guns & Hosers

94% of illegal firearms used in crime in Canada are born in the U.S.A.

Canada's crime rate is 50 % Higher than U.S. We may not like to get all suited up and go invade foreign countries, but we don't mind killing each other.

Know Thy Neighbour

Ok, yeah ... we all know each other.
We don't necessarily like each other though.

The Bacon Theory

Peameal bacon is more than "just a slice of ham". It's made from boneless pork loins, short cut from the leaner portion of the loin to give a more uniform cut. Then they are sweet pickle cured and rolled in the traditional golden corn meal coating. But I agree, it's got nothin on the sweet smoky taste of crispy side bacon.

So therefore, we love you for your bacon like a kid loves a nerd classmate with a backyard pool every summer.

We'll bring the maple syrup.


steakbellie said...

The great KatRocket has blogged the official Canadian response to my article on Americano/Canadia Relations.

She knows far too much about bacon (furthering my suspicions) and has the integrity to back up some of her claims with facts and statistics. Check it out!

Wendy said...

Very funny stuff. I assume Peameal Bacon is what some call Canadian Bacon? Do you call that other long crispy bacon "US Bacon"?

(and some of my best friends are Canadian :) hee hee.

katrocket said...

Bacon Appendix I:

Canadian bacon = peameal bacon = back bacon = "round slice of ham"
entertainment footnote: Canadian Bacon is also a 1995 comedy directed Micheal Moore, starring John Candy.

U.S. bacon = side bacon = bacon strips = "long crispy bacon"

Thanks for stopping by Wendy! Add me to your list of Canadian friends!

Birdy said...

OK - after all your blogger troubles I can finally actually see this article! For the longest time I could only see the comments. My American Reply:

I like Canadian Bacon better than American Bacon. We need to master the art of growing those boneless pigs because pigs are delicious animals. Wait - except for ribs. OK, pigs only need rib bones and they need twice as many.

I dispute that you've got better beer too. Yuengling is goood. Not as good as Guiness but then again thats not Canadian either.

I like one dollar coins too - but not enough to want them in my pocket. I just feel like a gangster flipping them.