Thursday, April 20, 2006

happy birthday Trixie!

Belated birthday wishes
go out to

Trixie Easybake

beautiful friend
successful entrepreneur
talented designer
excellent housewife
sexxx goddess
funny girl
my favourite model


BillyWarhol said...

Fun Photo!!

thx fer popping by da Blog*


U got some cool shit up here like the Flickr photo thingy*

i'll try & get that up next*

i wanted to comment on Radiohead & yer Penis cake fer sure!!!!!!!



thass one thing i don't like about Blogs - hardly anybody bothers to comment or shit* - boring compared to Flickr!!!!!*******************

Cheers Sweetie!! Billy ;)) xoxo

Have a Super Sunny Day!!***********

Birdy said...

"I want to comment on yer Penis cake."

Need I say more?