Friday, September 15, 2006

What I won't miss about summer:

I won't miss Crocs.

I know they're comfortable. But you should know that when you wear them in public, people are laughing at you. If they're not laughing, at the very least, they are probably thinking "Fuck, those are REALLY ugly shoes."

I happen to think hanging around in my Ginch Gonch and bathrobe is comfortable. But I know it's wrong to walk down the street wearing such a thing. And you should too.

So wear them around your house, while you're gardening, fly fishing, or taking out the garbage. But please hear this: no one at the mall or at work wants to look at your fucking hideous orange plastic clogs.


CoffeeDog said...

Never got into the Crock Craze. Came close to buying a pair when were in Hawaii...glad I didn't

Bill Pocock said...

You puttin' a bounty out there?

How much cash?

steakbellie said...

I hate those f'ing things. My Mom bought them for GD, but once I saw them I almost puked at the idea of letting that weird texture touch my feet.