Monday, December 18, 2006

happy birthday Steakbellie

don't shit on my parade
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Yesterday was Steakbellie's birthday. For those of you who are convinced you're too busy to click on that link (and trust me, you AREN'T):

  • Steakbellie is ranked 38th in the world as a competitive eater. Wings are his specialty. He trains to win. He wears a kilt. He has an "entourage". Kids think he's "cool"
  • Steakbellie once rode 3500 miles across the U.S. on a bicycle to raise funds and awareness for drug education programs.
  • Steakbellie hates skinny socialites and Hollywood trainwrecks just like you do. He spends a lot of time making fun of them (just like you do), but he's much funnier than you are.
  • Steakbellie ranks 4th on my Top 10 List of People I Wish to Get Drunk and Photograph.

I'd like to wish him a happy birthday with my first haiku in a long time:

I suck at haikus
But I'm willing to make an
Exception today.

All the best to you, SB. Glad to know ya.


steakbellie said...

that was


gerberdaisy said...

awwwwww. i lovd that Kat. you rock!!!! I think that bday present beat mine!

Birdy said...

So wheres the list?!