Thursday, February 8, 2007

happy birthday Birdy!

Today is Birdy's birthday. I'd like to wish my friend and occasional collaborative partner a great day, in spite of the fact that he doesn't really like the attention. Good thing for him that very few people read this blog.

Birdy ranks 2nd on my Top 10 List of People I Wish to Get Drunk and Photograph. This isn't because I like him. I mean, of course I enjoy the friendship, but there's a much bigger reason he beats out the other mega-celebs and heroes on my list. It's because no one in the online universe (save for his personal friends) has actually seen a photo of his face. He's a bit of a tease, regularly posting self-portraits of his eye or his chin or a finger or his chin again, but never the whole face. He's like a fucking Sasquatch. Photographic proof of his facial existence is so rare that I'm sure it'll fetch me some good coin and national media attention. Katrocket solves age-old Birdy mystery. News at 11.

So have yourself a helluva birthday, Birdy. If a dumptruck full of candy, driven by topless supermodels bearing pints of Guinness arrives at your office today, it's from me.


steakbellie said...

"Sasquatch" is being kind.

no offense Birdy.

Happy Birthday you old bastard!

Birdy said...

That would be the greatest birthday present ever!

katrocket said...

so are you saying you didn't get my shipment? Fucking FedEx.

pistols at dawn said...

Couldn't you just piece together all the different pictures of body parts to make a whole facial picture? Granted, that's a lot of effort for questionable payoff (unless, of course, Birdy is a modern-day Adonis, and there's no evidence to say he isn't), but if it's a big mystery, I'd start cutting and pasting that Frankenface.

ArtieLange said...

All good things, Birdy.

You really need to bribe steakbellie. I'm sure he has a pic or two he'd be willing to part with.

Birdy said...

Oh hell...isn't that how blackmail starts?

katrocket said...

I can certainly appreciate your suggestions, Artie & Pistols, except that I'm only interested in capturing my OWN portrait of the elusive Birdy.

Taking portraits of interesting people is a little hobby of mine. Frankenfaces and humiliating college snapshots are highly entertaining, but ultimately unfulfilling for me.

I shall await the real deal, but in the meantime, send your best blackmail photos to Winners will be awarded whatever Birdy has in his pockets. (note to Birdy: might wanna keep your keys in your purse.)

Birdy said...

My purse?
I think you've confused me with Steakbellie.

pistols at dawn said...

Those pictures are super fun. I say unto thee: way to have some talent. What's that like?

I am also a very talented photographer, but unfortunately, my style involves the subjects being out of focus and framed poorly, so no one else realizes this. My photos usually utilize a Dutch tilt, which is to say I take pictures after drinking too much Heineken.

Rob McCleary said...

Somebody say "Sasquatch"?