Friday, March 2, 2007

happy birthday, Daniel Craig

happy birthday, Daniel Craig
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Today is Daniel Craig's birthday, and although I don't know anything about the guy, I will use any excuse necessary to:

1) indulge in a multi-martini lunch

2) post this fabulous photo over and over again

3) entertain myself through the magic of party hats.


Bill Pocock said...

Two Questions:

1) Is the sunlight on his 'package' Photoshopped?

2) Given that his Bond flick sucked donkeys, does it make buddy less attractive?

katrocket said...

Two Answers:

1) No. That's all-natural. Boyshorts rock.

2) No. Layer Cake cancels out all the donkey-sucking flicks, including Tomb Raider, until June 2007, but I'll re-evalute your question when the expiry date comes up.

Bill Pocock said...


pistols at dawn said...

That picture makes me sort of understand one's love for him. He was in a film I worked on, and seemed like a really nice dude, but not so hot. Maybe it was his lack of a party hat.

katrocket said...

Pistols: which movie did you work on? I'm pleased to hear that he is a nice guy, because he seems a bit of a prick in press interviews.

Since some readers have questioned the sex appeal of Mr. Craig, I must concede that he is not very handsome by Hollywood standards, but I quite admire his body of work (not just his Body).

For me personally, good characterizations always override good looks. I think almost all my "actor-crushes" have been ugly-but-awesome actors: Tim Roth, Adrian Brody, Toby Maguire...

I just can't get into pretty-boy actors like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaHee-Haw or Tom Cruise (my god, is he still in the pretty boy category? Deliver us from Evil.) I can't seem to get past their actor/model persona and enjoy the character in the movie. George Clooney and Clive Owen are exceptions, because they're really awesome actors.

I have the same problem suspending my disbelief with actors who become too super-famous: Arnie, Bruce Willis, Travolta...and WTF happened to Jack Nicholson??! He's done some outstanding work in the past, but did he just wake up one day and decide to only take on roles that let him play an "older Jack Nicholson type guy"? You, Jack Nicholson, are a shark-jumper. Good day to you, sir.

pistols at dawn said...

Kat: the movie was the shot-prior-to-Casino Royale-but-still-not-released-so-it-must-suck Invasion(of the Bodysnatchers) remake with him and Nicole Kidman. My one interaction with him was rather unimpressive, but one time, I did buy him a gift basket. Word on the set travels quickly with jerks, though, and he was always on time, always incredibly polite to everyone, even bought a bottle of Johnnie Blue for my friend the travel coordinator. They just wrapped reshoots, and he's not so nice post-Bond, from what I hear, but then, he was a nice dude.

There's something about a face that looks a little lived in, I'll grant you, though actresses are rarely unattractive. You need a little edge, some thought behind the face, because after many experiments, you can only spend about five hours per day really going at it, and you're going to have some down time where you're going to need to talk and if they're dumb it's all over.

Still, if early 90s Jennifer Connelly could say nothing but the word "banana," I'd make it work somehow...for at least four days.

katrocket said...

Pistols - that's awesome! Thanks for sharing your brush with greatness, even if you didn't think it was all that great. I did. And it's my blog, so really, my happiness is the most important thing here.

pistols at dawn said...

No problem, ma'am. I am always happy to talk about me a whole lot. In fact, I have multiple blogs just to make sure I get enough time to talk about me. And I am a big fan of contributing to the happiness of long as they're not Ancient Hittites. Those people can eat it raw.