Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July Predictions

Here's wishing a quick but hearty Happy Independence Day to my compadres south of the border... salut, mes amis!

Katrocket's holiday predictions:

Steakbellie will be watching the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest with Wing Kong and their families, while simultaneuously grilling and pouting. Ok, this isn't really a predicition, because Steakbellie announced earlier on his blog that he would be doing exactly this. Sometimes I do pay attention to things I read.

Bert Bananas will be golfing.

T will be golfing.

Bert and T may be golfing together, but apparently, not if Bert can help it.

Pistols will be busy: picking up ladies; training others to help him pick up ladies; working in his lab to perfect the Ultimate Milkshake; writing his Manifesto; cleaning his guns; and digging for treasure.

Birdy will be avoiding people and drinking Guinness.

Leonesse will be stockpiling her emergency bunker and mapping out a safe route to Canada.

The Radloffs will likely celebrate with family & friends and win "Nicest Couple in Iowa". I bet they look awesome in tiaras and sashes.

The Coffeedogs might be drinking coffee with their dog. Or maybe they are still vacationing in Hawaii - which makes them the luckiest Americans on this list.

The Guv'ner... hmmm she's a Scot so I'm not sure she qualifies as an American, but she's brave enough to CHOOSE to live there, AND she still spells things correctly, so she gets full honours from me. I predict that she'll spend the day teaching her Yankee friends how to BBQ haggis and moon the enemy in a kilt.


Bert Bananas said...

Next you'll predict that I'll inhale... T and I did play golf this morning. I lost $4 because he can reach the long par 4s in two and I can't.

Kat'Dion, what's the Terror Threat Level at right now in Toronto?

I'd predict what you're doing today, but I'm afraid of putting your readers to sleep.

katrocket said...

Are you saying I'm boring, Bert?

*sigh*, you know, everyday can't be platinum, mon chèr.

There is no Terror Threat Level in Toronto this week. I'm far too tired to fight the power.

pistols at dawn said...

I can't believe I'm so transparent. At least I got the most activities of anyone, so it seems like I have a lot going on. My July 4th may have been more sedate, but I did spend July 3rd as the only dude at a BBQ with a handful of young professional women - and NOT, as expected, the kind you have to pay by the hour. "Go gay or I'm your only choice" - I like those odds.

T said...

I now have (4) crusty and old one-dollar bills already framed on my living room wall (mainly because McDonald's wouldn't take/let alone touch, them for my celebratory golfing victory shake and fries). -Don't worry, Bert will get me on a short course later and probably get all $4 back (but not the frame).

Kat - Your foretelling of mine and Bert's day was highly predictable. As golfers, we too are predictable because in real life, we have nothing else to do.

katrocket said...

It's true - you're all very predictable. But that's cool - my wild ways leave me longing for this low-stress boredom during daylight hours.

Leonesse said...

pssst... leonesse here.. coming from you live at Radio Free America from somewhere deeeeep inside a creepy bunker in Canada. I did indeed get my emergency preparations going and whilst Steak was screaming at the tv, the Radloffs were alternating between fighting over the tiara and making out and Bert and T were alternating between fighting over the $4 they found in the ball washer and making out, I was stalking my way across the wilds of Canada and am now hiding in Kat'Dions closet. You won't believe what I found in here. It's a little spooky, to put it mildly.

...OR maybe my slavedriver of a husband made me remodel our business until 10pm and I had to go home and eat nasty Taco Bell in the backyard whilst watching the last of the firework display and being forced to use toothpicks to hold my eyelids open whilst waiting for our assortment of teens to get home. And then wake up to do it all over again. Good times. Good times.

The Guv'ner said...

...that was uncanny.

I sunburned my ass with all that mooning. The haggis was strictly veggie though.

In my Blogger blog I spell 100% American because otherwise, they come to my house and do things to my cats, although if America truly is "bigger and better" how come they make words smaller and inferior by dropping letters?

I don't mind things like "color" and "honor" and using the wrong consonant, like in "realize" even though I know they're unforgivable and wrong, but I cannot deal with one "l" in words like "traveling" and "canceled". It makes my brain livid and at work, every time I have to type one of these words, i have to run to the ladies room with my notepad and scribble it the correct way 100 times to make up for it.

My Live Journal is a nice mixture of both spellings just to keep the CIA or whoever is monitoring today, on their toes.

Birdy said...

Close. I went south for the holiday. Nearly to the southern tip of Florida, in fact. Once there, I swam in the ocean, say on private beaches that were not mine and drank lots of belgian wheat beer. Its the lemonade of beers, really. Fuck Corona.

pistols at dawn said...

...including the ability to not notice when I write "make" instead of "makes."

pistols at dawn said...

Belgian beer is where the scene is at. I go out of my way to find and pay for Hoegaarden whenever possible.

In fact, I think I'll move to Belgium when I'm ready to have my alocholic collapse, because any place that make great beer and serves huge cones of "french" fries, amazing chocolate, and delicious waffles with ice cream has everything I need from a place.

Leonesse said...

Pistols, I want to go to Belgium too! My love of beer can really get in the way of my dh's travel plans. Beer must be involved. And a wide assortment, at that.

We could pretend to be a couple because, according to my dh, all women only want a man who is taken. He couldn't get a second glance when single, but once taken he was asked out constantly. Maybe, just maybe, and I stress again, maybe(!) it would lead to you going off with a gaggle of Belgian beauties offering you beer and waffles.

You just do what you want and leave me to my beer. My large assortment of beer.

This fantasy brought to you by Budweiser. The beer that makes you dream of moving to a country that serves decent beer. Thank you.

CoffeeDog said...

Sadly we weren't vacationing in Hawaii on the 4th. We did the 4th in true American style, grilled dogs and drank beer!

Chris said...

I like my tiara.