Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ancient photographic evidence of Kattitude

When people tell me I possess an often-funny-but-sometimes-fierce-when-provoked "Kattitude", I say "Sorry, I can't really help it - I've been like this forever."

And now I have photographic proof:

Katrocket and her mom in 1970, nursing the bottle.

Katrocket in 1974, just prior to Charm School, where I eventually learned how to suck in the beer gut for the paparazzi.


T said...

What were you sitting on in your '74 pic,-and was it alive?

Another question of utmost importance: Is that swelling because you just got your belly-button pierced?

katrocket said...

Those are GENUINE shag carpet open-riser stairs, my friend. My dad built that house himself, and I fear his decor inspiration may have come from porn films, which suddenly explains much about me.

I was purposely sticking out my belly for the camera because my mom was pregnant with my brother at the time, and I was imitating her. There are other photos of her taken the same day on those stairs, posing with her big 8-months pregnant stomach, and some of the two of us, posing with our matching "big bellies".

Also, I was a fat kid long before it was all the rage.

pistols at dawn said...

I'd always assumed you sprang from your father's head, fully grown, then remembered that I'd been thinking of Athena. I get you two mixed up all the time.

I would like to posit, however, that no one is evil until at least age 8 or so, well after these pictures were taken. Even I was cute in those days, which is why my parents burned those pictures - they were too tired of crying and saying, "What happened?"

Bert Bananas said...

Your 'Celineness' was even showing back then! Or was it your 'Dionness'?

Beth said...

You would have been my hero back in '74. Of course, I was fifteen that year, but I would have still been impressed.

— Beth, via Dale's spot

Leonesse said...

Can you teach me that 'sucking in the beer gut' thing? My pants are playing boa constrictor and strangling my intestines.

The Guv'ner said...

Hahahaha. Regarding the last photo - I have an almost identical photo of my dad circa 1977, featuring fat Elvis sideburns and that same pose. His gut was a thing to behold in those days.

Snooze said...

Those are fantastic! I love the '74 one especially, even more after reading your explanation of you trying to look pregnant.