Friday, July 20, 2007

A belated birthday wish for T

The Blogger known to us as "T" is such an International Man of Mystery that even his birthday snuck past me unnoticed. In his own words: "I try not to pre-announce my birthday to people that cannot reach-out and touch me (what's the use?)"

Sure, I could wait until next year, but he's so fucking old that he may not live that long, so without further ado...

Some interesting T-isms:

1) I have no idea what T looks like, but this is how he looks in my imagination. (at left)

2) I have no idea what "T" stands for, but I like to think it's something cool like Tyrone, T-Bone, Tiberius or Terminator.

3) Because T is so careful to guard his true identity, "T" probably stands for something lame like Tammy, Tad, or Tinkerbell.

4) T sometimes says objectionable things that objectify woman and their lady parts, but he gets away with it (with me anyways) because he almost constantly says generous, sweet, respectful things about his dear wife, which suggests that he gets a good cock-blocking if she ever hears him say that shit in real life.

5) T is a serious pervert. Not a dabbler, no sir. He's hard-core committed to all things hardcore.

6) T is a serious golf fanatic. There's a fine line between enjoying a lot of golf and providing a link on your blog so people can buy golf clubs.

Finally, T - my gift to you is this refreshing change from commenting on Bert's ass when you're golfing. I don't normally post female nudity on this blog (ha!), but for you I shall make an (another) exception:

Happy Belated Birthday.

Kiss this, pal.


Leonesse said...

Well, then,

Happy Birthday Mother Fucker!

There's something I have never wanted to say, but just did because I could.

Thank you Kat, for allowing that freedom of expression. I feel better now. And that pic of T, yep, about what I had in my nog too.

pistols at dawn said...

I love that picture. Both pictures, actually. It made me wonder: why am I not dressing like that? And then I remembered: oh yeah, because I'm not a woman and so therefore no one wants to see my ass.

T said...

I am stained, and not in a good way.

I have obviously dug myself into a deep chasm with no where to go but down. (Any volunteers?)

Where did you get that old pic of me? I have since re-invented myself by changing my primary wardrobe color to fuchsia and had my hair taken from my back to help fill in my receding hair line. Man, those socks bring back memories...

As for being perverted: Only well-endowed, gymnast-butted, long-legged, Angelina-faced women really turn me on. really, you just gotta have big tits.

Kat, thank you for my present, but I don't know how that picture of Jenny (that two-timing whore), got out of my wallet.

By the way, T stands for T.

katrocket said...

OK, whatever you say, Tinkerbell. ;-)

T said...

Leo - Thank you very-fucking-much.

Bert Bananas said...

I can feel the lub.

Leonesse said...

Yeah, Bert felt the lub from Jenny. That two timing whore.

T said...

Bert - Our secrets out. (I'm not sharing anymore sluts with you ever again!)