Thursday, July 19, 2007

Okay, back to the middle finger...

I've spent my morning writing three different posts on three different topics, all of which may be my most scathing work to date. In fact, I'm so afraid of posting them and suffering your wrath, that I can't decide if my personal amusement will outweigh my need for some level of acceptance among the blog community.

I'm not really in a crankypants mood - all 3 posts are based on insanely true public experiences I've tolerated over the past week. Yes, we all know what THAT means, don't we?

As with any difficult decision I need to make, I shall have some lunch (i.e. - several dirty martinis), and make a half-assed choice once my belly is full and my head is all afuzz.

Until that time - check out the interactive portion of our program to right. Have your say, and vote on upcoming post topics! I realize some of you greedy sickos won't be able to make a choice, so I'm allowing multiple answers on this one. I may completely ignore you, but at least I'm democratic about it. If your government can get away with it, so can I. Hey, unlike those clowns, I never swore to "uphold" anything, man.

Which topic should Rocketradio trash next?

-- How much bratty fucking kids really piss her off.

-- Ignorant, useless teenagers that work in retail stores and can barely get their lame ass off the cell phone long enough to ring up my purchases.

-- A less-than-scientific study of how cultural/ethnic backgrounds can radically affect one's driving skills.

It's going to be a long lunch, so check in tomorrow for the results.


T said...

All three choices are everyday occurrences throughout life and equally piss me off too. (You must have Asians driving around Canada too?)

I do though tend to lean more towards stories with the f-word in them. They just seem to be more "colorful".

steakbellie said...

i want them all!

pistols at dawn said...

This truly is Sophie's choice.

Blank Field said...

Your worry about suffering the wrath of your Regulars? You're afraid of a headline like:

Regulars Wrathful at Wrongs Rocketed on the Internet by Celine Dion!

Okay, now that I look at it, I can see your point. May you should take up crochet? (If you sit back and let your eyes go out of focus, crochet can either be crotch or rocket...)

Leonesse said...

I want to hear them all. Let's have it.

You are just afraid you won't get those awesome blogwarming gifts, aren't you?

Dale said...

If you can't work them all into the same episode, go for the teens, they're ripe.

Snooze said...

Teens. Although the last time I had to endure a clerk ignoring me in favour of his phone conversation he was in his 30s.

The Guv'ner said...

OH man, I need all of those. Since you already did the kids thing I VOTE FOR THE OTHER TWO!


The Guv'ner is bored today and just wrote a Live journal entry about filing and toes.

katrocket said...

Guv'ner! I finally visited your LJ blog, which I previously did not have directions to, and of course, I laughed and laughed. But not about your broken toe... I broke 2 toes last summer and it was hell, so you have my deepest understanding.

Since I don't have an LJ account, I'll assume I cannot leave comments, so if it's cool with you, I'll write them on my own blog, because hey - I'm already here.