Friday, July 6, 2007

Word of the day

Today I learned a great new word: Polterwang!

Pohl'-ter-wang (n): slang 1. A large, protruding fold or bulge of excess fabric in the crotch area of very ill-fitting ladies' pants. 2. The phantom illusion of a penis where no actual penis exists. 3. The polar opposite of "camel-toe".

I first came across this word months ago on a hilarious "fashion police" kinda blog that I read daily called Go Fug Yourself, and I believe the word was coined by comedy geniuses Heather & Jessica at GFY. I had forgotten all about it until a co-worker got into the elevator with me at work today and said "nice polterwang".

Yes, the bitch called me out on my droopy drawers, right in front of my boss and two other co-workers, who also enjoyed the new word immensely. It's times like these that make me so incredibly grateful that I work in an office full of politically incorrect, potty-mouthed, spicy-humoured people, because no one charged me with sexual harassment when I replied to her: "Meet me in the supply room at break and I'll make your Friday a whole lot more casual."


Leonesse said...

Kat, thank you for expanding my linguistic abilities, especially in a way that will make me look slightly higher than dirt to my teens. I may get a laugh outta that one.

Oh, and my verification for the day:

Seemingly appropriate and yet not.

That one would get them too. I may get some respect at the dinner table tonight. Emily Post is NOT invited.

Blank Field said...

Great word! And what a great set up for you sparkling wit.

My favorite word that doesn't exist in the dictionary is "wide-on."

I hope only women can use it... As in, "OMG! I got such a wide-on when he hugged me!"

And somewhat in parallel, I'm still looking for the male version of, "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

T said...

I used to tell my (more understanding) girlfriends "your wetness is greatly appreciated", because when I said "geez, those things could poke my eye out, please", I usually got punched.

Snooze said...

Your coworker must die. However, you had a great response to her.

Bert: Along the lines of what t said, I had a friend who used to greet me with, "Did you sit in a puddle or are you just glad to see me?"

steakbellie said...

oh sweetness!

Bert Bananas said...

Thanks, Snooze, your friend not only appreciates you, but has a sparkling wit. Of course I shall pretend to have made it up when I use it so as to reap whatever rewards are forthcoming.

pistols at dawn said...

The ladies, they love the go fugging of themselves. I personally don't find the site that hilarious (because I'm just not that catty), but if it leads to the public mockery of others, I suppose I have to support it on principle alone.

Chris said...

Yep, laughed out loud again, earning dirty (yet questioning) looks from co-workers.