Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dale has made my fantasy a reality!

Sorry, it's not as juicy as the title would suggest, but here I am - living the dream and gettin' jiggy wit' my celebrity crush, Daniel Craig. We're TOO HOT.

Daniel: call me!

Oh, you too, Dale.


Bert Bananas said...

Would it have hurt to smile just once?

If jibjab has any good porno sequences, showing a guy with a HUGE schlong, I might finally be tempted to leave something of value to my ex-wives.

There just has to be fortune cookie fortune in all of this.

T said...

Kat - You would never date a fellow that wore shoes like that! Remember when you turned me down just because I prefer to wear Sloggy's.

Dale said...

I pray that T. is joking.

Kat, you got all the right moves! Daniel looked a bit wobbly but what can I say? I'm an excellent dancer. Like you.

katrocket said...

Dale: We ARE awesome rug-cutters! I turned down T because he's married and lives in another country, but he seems to handle it better by blaming his shoes.

In spite of the footwear rants I've written here in the past, I'm no shoeist.

pistols at dawn said...

That was more entertaining than it should have been. You hep cats sure know how to cut a rug - and given the 70s standards of hygiene, that's no small feat.

Leonesse said...

Am I not in the club? I cannot see anything.
Damn it, always leaving me out with the lesser people.

Miriam said...

Good words.