Friday, August 17, 2007

Wherein I confess Everything

Yes, I've tried to keep secrets from you. Those of you have have seen my photo collections on Flickr are scratching your heads..."She's kept secrects? I don't THINK so! Kat shows more skin than an nudist at his prostate exam," you're saying.

But you'd be wrong. I have many secrets, as well as secret places! Mon Dieu!

Here is my confession: My screen name on Pogo is kershawkrazy. Mabye some day, when we come to know each other as well as siamese twins, I will tell you how I came by this tres jolie screen name.

But that is for later. Now I am telling you that I am kershawkrazy and I have over 58,000,000 Tokens now! I hardly sleep anymore, but I can eat with one hand and move the mouse with the other, so I shan't starve to death. You see, I MUST get to 60,000,000 Tokens by Aug. 31, 2007. I simply must!

I wasn't laid off. I confess that now too. I QUIT! So that I could spend every moment on Pogo, dominating, acquiring power and Tokens. And when I hit 60,000,000 Tokens I am going to cash them in. And you know what I'm getting? You don't. And you couldn't guess. At least not soon enough to alert the authorities.


Steve Caratzas said...

What the heck is Pogo?

Your pal,


katrocket said...

I am also
what Pogo is.

Chris said...


pistols at dawn said...

Like...Pogo stick? Are you spending all your time e-pogo sticking? Because...I don't even know what to do with that, it's so weird. I know it's just calling out for a stick/penis joke, but...f it, I'm tired.

Leonesse said...

Apparently Bert has been hacking the Pogo sight! Who the hell can play that shit for that long?

Snooze said...

I am incredibly curious now. About both kershaw and pogo.

Bert Bananas said...

If truth be told (and where else but on the internet can you rely on people's honesty), my wife is LIZdCOOK on You can play games there and she amuses herself by doing so on occasion. She's been a member for over a year and amassed almost a half a million Tokens! So she called me over to her computer one night and pointed out the juxtaposition of her name and Kershaw, and I saw immediately that Kershaw apparently eats Pogo and shits Tokens.

But then I pointed out to her that maybe Kershaw is Stephen Hawking and having plumbed the depths of the Universe, he doesn't have anything else to do all day.

Anonymous said...

if you want to sell your tokens contact me at

Anonymous said...


30-Something Girl said...

I can't believe they have not heard of POGO... I was just reading your blog and saw your post about it! I love POGO.

Anyway, look me up sometime. I am enhancing28