Saturday, October 20, 2007

High 'ho: "It's off to work I go"

Well, my hiatus officially comes to an end on Monday, because I just got a new full-time job. That's right, it's a celebration, bitches! On Monday, I'll begin working as a project manager/producer for a small interactive media company. It seems like a really fantastic gig, and an opportunity to learn plenty of new things from some truly talented and cool people. This is no office job in a cubicle - this is actually something I want to do.

In some ways, I'm a little sad to leave behind the wistful, carefree days of 3pm cheesies and cocktails with Dr. Phil. But after 4 months of relying solely on self-employment, I decided that I really do prefer being paid on a regular basis a lot more than starving and losing sleep. I shall continue to offer creative services through Rocketstudio on a part-time basis, if my work schedule allows it.

I sure did learn a lot while I was working from home:
  • "being bossy" and "being your own boss" are not the same thing.
  • my landlord does not accept paintings, demo CDs, or bottles of red wine in lieu of a rent payment, even though that's exactly what some of my clients think is a pretty fair trade for a website for their rock band or art gallery.
  • My upstairs neighbour exercises vigorously at exactly 9 am everyday with some kind of squeaky apparatus, like a rowing machine, an Abdomizer, or perhaps a mattress.
  • Drinking before noon is not nearly as bad as everyone claims it to be. It's really quite fun.
  • TV networks don't want unemployed people to enjoy themselves too much during regular business hours, and ensure our continued misery by repeatedly airing such films as Rush Hour, Short Circuit 2, Beethoven, and Mannequin.
  • Three little words: "no mo' Snarbucks"
  • Even when unemployed, I'm still not lame enough to participate in a recent meme from The Idea of Progress. I'm overwhelmingly flattered that Mr. Progress deems me lame enough to have earned such an honourable invitation, however, I believe the only lame quality I possess is my Secret Love of Journey, which isn't really all that lame (or secret) - it's just good common sense. It's been scientifically proven that Steve Perry kills 98% of bad times and lonely nights. My personal idea of progress? "No mo' memes!"


Snooze said...

Congratulations to your new company! They are lucky to have you.

pistols at dawn said...

You are, of course, to be congratulated most heartily on the finding of gainful employ. However, if being unemployed is all about Short Circuit 2, then I must say no good can come of working.

I am saddened to see your freedom come to an end but excited that you don't have to lapdance your way to rent each month.

Leonesse said...

Do they let you drink beer and talk shit to the boss? Cuz then I wanna work there too.

Leonesse said...

Oh, and congrats.

And... they force you to watch Dr. Phil up there? I am sooo sorry. Can't we do some kind of trading our bad programming (which you seem to be getting) for good programming from Canada?

Dale said...

It's 8:12 a.m. on Monday. Have you been fired yet?

Sooner or later Steve Perry's going to realize no amount of promotion's going to have an effect unless you're working on getting him a shampoo endorsement.

Chris said...

Hey, good deal! I hope the whole "job" thing works out for you... (I find that I struggle with the concept myself.)

The Idea Of Progress said...

Slapped down on the first meme I tried to spread, rather than create.


Congrats on the new job!

Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

Oh god, there's nothing to compare with the dreaded web design client... the one who wants the absolute coolest site ever created but also wants to barter. Yeah, I could do a whole post on that one...

The Guv'ner said...


That deserves your OWN level of lame.

But hey. Don't listen to me.

Don't stop believin'.

Grant Miller said...

I'm with you on the lack of memes.

Beth said...

CONGRATS! Can't wait to read about the groovy projects you'll be working on.

Bert Bananas said...

Be that as it may... Come the first of the month, your happy ass is going to be working for ME! I think I can afford about 45 minutes of your time.

katrocket said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and support...

Pistols: I'm still lapdancing, but now I'm no longer forced to mix business with pleasure.

Dale: It them until 10:45 am Wednesday to realize I'm a cunt.

Progress: It's not you baby. It's me. And maybe also Grant Miller.

Grant Miller: how I miss your daily charms.

BSUWG: Are you saying I'm NOT an unreasonable bitch after all? You're da bomb.

Leonesse: you've obviously never watched Cdn TV. It makes me wanna watch Dr. Phil.

Guv'ner: I will never turn my back on Steve Perry, even though he really likes it that way.

Bert: It's true, my ass is now yours. Please be gentle. (Like Steve Perry.)

CoffeeDog said...

Wow, new job! Congrats!