Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's beard season

It has recently come to my attention that very few people are familiar with the term "beard", as it might be applied to someone like Katie Holmes here.

beard (bîrd) n. - One who serves to divert suspicion or attention from another.

I'm not convinced that Tom Cruise is gay, but I do think he's crazy, so he might wanna buy himself a moustache as well.


pistols at dawn said...

I had to explain this to about 10 people the other day. My new crowd is laaaaaaame.

Dale said...

I thought everyone knew about 'the beard'. I applaud your addition of the moustache. Can the sideburns be far behind?

T said...

Not only does Katie like psychos for a significant other, but she's Italian too?!?!

Bert Bananas said...

Swear to gjaudh, I once had a girlfriend who didn't want people to know we were an item and she made me date, and sleep with, another girl. The other girl didn't know she was the beard. When she found out, she laughed and laughed... Uh huh, you bet...

Secret Seer said...

I never knew that "beard" meant to divert attention or suspicion. After 9/11 happened, I knew Muslims and people from them middle east who were innocent were going to be ridiculed for their appearance (beards), so to lighten the blow a little bit for those innocents, I grew a beard. Oh yes, I was called a terrorist. That's what mass hysteria gets you.

PS. It might be easier for some of your guests if you don't make them sign in to Google to post so they can stay anonymous. Now if I get killed by the government or simply "disappear" I'm blaming you. And my last wish at the bottom of my last wishes wish list is that you devote your entire life to converting popular opinion of conspiracy theorists as nuts.

Ehehe, I'm just joking... kinda.

I don't think Tom Cruise is crazy though... I think he understands people much better than most in some ways. If you want a lot of attention or to prove your love to someone, announce it to the world in a way which will draw the most attention.

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Except the problem with that is, all of the non-sense made to get the attention, ends up taking away from what the attention was intended to be created for. If it weren't for me saying this, you would probably just remember my outburst of non-sense )($@U!$U@J#$ and not my message, which you'll read again now. It's ok, do it, no body else knows, except you and me.