Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poetry Beat

I really like this guy's poems. Maybe you will too.

Steve Caratzas
The Blog of Lewd Enlightenment



pistols at dawn said...

I will say this: I don't care for poetry. I think that half of the people in the world are trying to show their b.s. poems to the other half, who are gritting their teeth and nodding politely.

There are 1,000 William Carlos Williamses for every T.S. Eliot, and that's enough to make the whole thing sorta pointless.

katrocket said...

I'm actually not a poetry fan either, but Steve's stuff is fun and interesting, and a nice change from my usual profanity-laced rants.

Besides, there are at least 3 other people who read this blog on occasion. And they are soooo much nicer than you.

steakbellie said...

i never understood poetry, but Steve's 8-Word Poems had just enough hmisery to make sense to me. He's pretty awesome.

Chris said...

I very rarely read poetry on purpose, but boy do I enjoy a well-turned phrase. Maybe I'm a minimalist or something, but in poetry, the fewer words the more I like it.

pistols at dawn said...

Everyone who's not me is nicer than me. I'm sure he's good, but as we all know, guys named Steve are my sworn enemy.

Actually, now that I think about it, that's just fictional me. Real me hates guys named Tony, because they keep popping up with exes.

In conclusion, this Steve guy's all right by me.

Leonesse said...

And your thoughts on Jesus?