Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fighting crazy with crazy

So there's this group called "Anonymous" and they're planning some kinda worldwide anti-Scientology rally on February 10th. I'm certainly not a fan of Scientology, but I'm not convinced it's a good idea to oppose crazy, hateful actions with an equally crazy and hateful reaction:

a few thoughts:

--I'm pretty sure that Stephen Hawking narrated this clip.

--"Anonymous" is a pretty boring name for a group of people who "must bring light to the darkness". How about something catchier, like "The Darkness Lighters"? Hiring a copywriter wouldn't hurt the Cause, you know. I happen to be available at present.

-- If you want people to join in your opposition to a big bunch of fucking creeps, maybe you shouldn't be such a big fucking creep about it.

-- The weather cinematography in this clip is really quite lovely, but it doesn't persuade. I would have preferred some highly stylized Thetan killin'. And maybe some 'splosions.

-- When they're done with the Scientologists, maybe Anonymous could put some of that youthful energy to work on American Idol or Rachel Ray? Because "the eyes of the public have slumbered far too long" with that shit, too.


The Guv'ner said...

I just have to say first: Rachael Ray is evil. In fact, over at LJ the other day someone pointed out to me that she looks EXACTLY like Jack Nicholson's JOKER. AAAAARGH! It's true!

She needs the perk knocked out of her and as she lives in my neighbourhood, I might be the person to do it. I'll have to be stealth though because her husband might spit on me.

What else? Oh yes, Scientology. I really feel the best route here is to ignore them because that's the thing they fear most. I do like all the stories about it being a neat cover up for Hollywood homosexuals. At least that's INTERESTING.

Chris said...

Rachel Ray has bouncy boobies, but I still can't watch her for more than thirty seconds without being annoyed.

Very rarely do I trust anonymous sources or anonymity in general. If you don't believe in something enough to put your name on it, then you don't have true belief in your cause. Have the cojones to take responsibility for your actions -- don't hide behind anonymity.

That said, there ARE certain times when I can understand people wanting to be anonymous, but they're few and far between -- personal privacy in regard to health issues (example - Alcoholics Anonymous), philanthropy (donating money anonymously), or fearing for one's life (revolting against a government, as an example). I doubt the Scientologists would track down and kill all their detractors, so I fail to see why the group "Anonymous" can't take responsibility for their words, and I won't take them seriously until I get an explanation regarding their anonymity or they step forward and claim their statements as their own.

pistols at dawn said...

This all sounds like a bunch of art school dropouts who didn't get cast in the latest Edgar Allen Poe dinner theater piece. Highly dubious.

Blank Field said...

As an ardent Laztheist, I have to stand up for the Right of Scientologists to be as wack as they please. Besides, Scientologists are to people who like to make fun of religions as Dan Quayle was to topical comedians.

And then there's the fact that the more the Anonymice succeed in their attacks, the more it will raise the hackles of people who like to root for an underdog, and Sweet Polly Purebred.

Chris, try muting Rachel Ray and just listen to what her bouncy boobs have to say.

Leonesse said...

Ha! Check out Operation Clambake at and you will see why they are anonymous. Those $cientologists are worse than the mafia.

Leonesse said...

And btw, that new pic almost makes me want to be a beaver wrangler, sexy mama.

steakbellie said...

everything sucks.
you however brought some Canadian Sunshine into my life with the phrase:
"but I'm not convinced it's a good idea to oppose crazy"

Sorry about the job.

Dale said...

I propose we worship Katrocket and Katrocket alone. Nobody touch Rachael Ray, not until she's done cooking enough stuff to put in the freezer for us.

Ms. Laaw-yuhr said...

Chris and Bert, seriously, you think Rachel Ray has good boobs? In the South we'd say "it looks like she has two chigger* bites where her boobs should be".

* Chiggers are bugs that burrow under the skin and leave a red welt on the surface

Now Sandra Lee, also of foodnetwork, has some nice boobs.

Yeah, Anonymous, that's a sad sad sack of crap there. But I love that crazy video of Tom Cruise.