Friday, January 18, 2008

Hilarious group action

I'm not usually into gang-blogs, but this one really made me laugh:

I peed a little... "we think this shit is funny"

hott Todd of Death Wore a Feathered Mullet,
8-word maestro Steve Caratzas,
the outrageous MsHellion,
and many more...

It's a perfect storm of comedy.


and speaking of comedy,...I'm going to a comedy club tonight with a group of friends. I hate these places, because they tend to remind me of Lucy the Unfunny Comedienne, but it sure beats running outta shit to talk about after 45 minutes. I'm pretty much expecting that everyone on stage will be a lot less funny than my daily dose of Grant Miller, Pistols, or Todd. Which begs the question: why the hell are you guys givin' it away for free?


pistols at dawn said...

Because I'm cripplingly lazy and can't ever seem to come up with a plan to sell it.

Also, because I'm cheap. But I hope those comedians suck, reinforcing your belief in us.

Chris said...

A buddy of mine is a professional comedian. I remember when I first heard of him... I was in the Army National Guard, working as a peon in the office going through personnel files when I overheard the CO and XO (commanding and executive officers, respectively) talking. "What do you mean he wants out?" said one. "This is the army. You can't just 'get out.'" The other officer answered, "He says he's a professional comedian, sir, and can't work weekends..." A pause, then, "We've got a f*ckin' comedian in our unit? Well, ain't that just hilarious."

Oddly enough, my pal isn't all that funny in real life. His routine is great, but he's not any funnier in daily life than anyone else... He just has the balls to get up on stage.

Ms. Laaw-yuhr said...

Would I make the list if I could post daily?

Also, comedy clubs usually suck as they generally contain neither the elements of "comedy" nor "club", but you're right that at least this saves you from having to make awkward conversation.

katrocket said...

Pistols: the comedy club was actually pretty good, but only cuz I was lucky enough to attend a "Just for Laughs" showcase of various "promising" comics who will be performing at the Montreal Comedy festival this summer.

Chris: I know what you mean... I dated a comedian for awhile and he was only funny when he was getting a paycheck out of it.

Ms. L: No worries, you made a different list - a list so sexy I can't even mention it here for fear that Pistols will explode all over himself.

pistols at dawn said...

Too late.

Grant Miller said...

I don't give it away for free. I have ads!!