Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rocketradio: now with 60% more blogging!

Well, I have just embarked on my second job hiatus in 4 months. Apparently, I was not the droid they were looking for, so I was sent packing from my day job. That means Dr. Cliff Arnall was only off by one day when he said that Monday is the worst day of the year. Actually, Cliff - it was Tuesday, but close enough! I must concede your Crazy Math is quite solid after all.

So I'm back to designing websites and making low budget porn from Rocketstudio HQ. And not a minute too soon, friends! Oh, how I have missed the panic and frustration of not knowing how I was going to pay the bills! It keeps me so real.

But my devastating personal loss is your window to a world of fresh entertainment during a winter without writers! I've got 3 months of material saved up for just such an occasion, and since the majority of my regular readers:

a) have retired,
b) have been committed to a home,
c) "had to leave town real quick",
d) became too popular to be seen with the likes of me,
e) have minimal time available for reading stupid blogs,

... I felt the time was right for a makeover. Hope you like the fresh new 'do.


If you're in the Toronto area, you can catch The Scandelles in Who's Your Dada? at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre from Jan 24-Feb 9 (click on flyer for details) I took these pics from the preview show last night and it's a fucking awesome show.

I apologize to those of you who are reading this at work. Some of these are probably not safe if you're workin' for The Man.

Fight the Power! More blatant disregard for workplace internet safety on my Flickr page!


The Guv'ner said...

I swore I commented on this earlier which goes to show I have truly lost my marbles.

Your job peeps are DOUCHES. Fascists.

I say less corporate shenanigans and more home made porn empire! :)

I have the writer's block. I can't string a sentence together for the life of me, let alone inject any funny. Woe is me.

Did I mention your job peeps being asspirates?

pistols at dawn said...

My dear, I am saddened to hear that you are once again unemployed, but happy in that it makes you hungry and needy enough to hang out more.

I will shake my fist at them for you, freeing you up to focus on your foxy new redesign.

Chris said...

You're shitting me!

Blank Field said...

happiness is to holiness as joblessness is next to homelessness, but not necessarily in the same order.

Here's where religionists have it all over: "Oh, sweetie, don't worry, ghawd never closes a door but what he opens a window." And the redoubtable "Everything happens for a reason."

How come religionists never accepted the one I made up in 1971: "If ghawd doesn't want you to succeed, you never will." It, too, has just as much stinky piety attached to it as the former examples.

Anyway, due to having to pay Big-T a living wage, growing the business and slow paying clients, I won't be paying for Option C until the middle of next month.

minijonb said...

aww, screw than man. that's why i blog.

Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

I can never truly enjoy plays with nudity in them because I always sit there and think, "My God, they're nude. I wonder how they feel about that? Thank God that's not me up there, because I wouldn't want to be standing up on some stage naked in front of an audience.... But that one chick's kind cute..." (And by then I've totally lost the plot.)

CoffeeDog said...

Sorry to hear about the job...they suck!

Beth said...

I am sorry you're back on hiatus — but YAY us who get to read more posts from you.

Leonesse said...

I love the new look. Who needs a job anyway. People seem to do without them around here.

Anything else change whilst I was out?

Dale said...

If you up it to 75% more blogging, I'm in.

Jana said...

So make money designing websites and making lowbudget porn and to hell with the drone-wanters!! I am another that can't be a drone, therefore I clean - and make a pretty darn good living at it. As for Bert and his slow payers - I suggest he use some form of my line: "If you don't pay, or your check bounces, I'll bring back your dirt". SO if he doesn't get paid for painting house numbers on sidewalks, he should go back and unpaint it - or paint a different address on...pissing off the postal service or the ambulance drivers...OR he could demand payment up front??!!
As for you - Gawd closed the door on those asspirates who lost a good original thinking open minded person - so Fk 'em, you'll be fine.

Jana said...

I was just watching the news, and the new hot JOB in the US is a wedding proposal planner... THERE YA GO!!! Advertise that you'll set up the place and time and words for Mr. Right to propose to Miss Right, and they'll pay you!! What a world!!