Monday, April 14, 2008

Katrocket's Top 10 Sexiest Patchelors

1. Phil Ken Sebben

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Archangel

4. Patch

5. Elle Driver

6. Number Two

7. Snake

8. Molotov Cocktease

9. General Chang



pistols at dawn said...

Patchelors? Brilliant.

I saw an old man with an eye patch the other day, and it made me feel like he was injured in some situation replete with international intrigue.

Chris said...

I was happy to see Ms. Cocktease in the list.

I'm a little disturbed that I recognize all the cartoon characters and none of the "real people" (except General Chang).

Every time I see an eyepatch the old punchline "Nah, 'twas the first day with me hook" comes to mind.

Snooze said...

I loathe Patch and Kayla so I will have to respectfully disagree with his inclusion. or perhaps vehemently disagree. Something like that.

BeckEye said...

Wonderful. I had a major thing for Patch back in the day. I once mistakenly called Patch and Kayla "Katch and Payla" and my sister never let me live it down.

I can't believe Falwless and her monkey didn't make your list, but Angelina Jolie did. I bet Fal is going to scratch Angie's other eye out over that one.

The Guv'ner said...

Yeah I too was rooting for Falwless and her monkey! :)

Only YOU could have a patchelor party.

katrocket said...

Sorry, people, but Falwless did not meet the criteria for the list:

1) Not wearing a real eye patch. If this was "Katrocket's Top 10 most poorly Photoshopped smoking children wearing an eye patch and hanging out with a monkey", she would have certainly been number 1.

2) Not sexy. No offense Fal, I'm sure you're a ravishing beauty as an adult, but anyone who thinks of a 5-year old girl as "sexy" is AT THE WRONG FUCKING WEBSITE.

Falwless said...

This list SUCKS. What a SHAM!

I'm boycotting this blog until you post Katrocket's Top 10 Most Poorly Photoshopped Smoking Children Wearing an Eye Patch and Hanging Out With a Monkey.

Or until 5pm. Whichever comes first.

Chris said...

That's a monkey? *squints* Huh. Well I'll be dipped. It IS a monkey.

Leonesse said...

Crap, see, I didn't realize that was a monkey, either. The monkey is supposed to be on your back!

ginger b said...

"Patchelor" is the best word I've heard all year and I am sincerly impressed.

Many thank you's for the vocab lesson.