Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just found an awesome blog called Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. Maybe you've heard of it, and if so, shame on you for not telling me about it.

I didn't think anyone had more blogs than Pistols and the Guv'ner, but this author (Keith) is the magnate of a vast blogging empire: People I No Longer Talk To, People From My Wedding I No Longer Speak With, and Famous People I Would Not Want To Use The Bathroom After, just to name a few.

I was quite excited to find this blog, because it reminds me of a favourite game of mine. For many years, me and my girlfriends have enjoyed playing "Thesbians" - where we watch some tabloid TV or flip through the gossip rags and point out which celebrities look like lesbians. Almost none of them are female. For the ladies, we have a game called "Tranny or fanny**?", but that's a post for another day.

** editor's note: "Fanny" is a British slang term for va-jay-jay.

Here's my shortlist of young men who look like young lesbians:

That guy from American Idol that Falwless wants to fuck.

Butterscotch Stallion
(dead ringer for
the World's Most
Famous Lesbian)

the Potter kid

Canadian Men Who Look Like Lesbians:

George Strombolopolous from "The Hour"

Steven and Chris (The Design Guys)

Corey Haim

the Prime Minister (the cat is a nice touch)


Falwless said...

I've gotta know how to play "Tranny or Fanny." That sounds like an incredible amount of fun.

katrocket said...

Oh - it's easy and you'll love it.

"Tranny or Fanny?"

1. Gather your friends.
2. Gather your drinks.
3. Get some celeb magazines, or tune into ET, TMZ, or other "entertainment news" program.
4. Check out the ladies. Are you sure she's a lady? Or do you have a BFF named Peebo who does it more convincingly at a drag show in the meatpacking district?

Hint: Be suspicious of the gals who are trying WAY too hard on the red carpet.

All-time Tranny/Fanny faves: Fergie, Beyonce, the Pussycat Dolls, Eva Longoria.

doorknob_dan said...

May I submit mine?

Jon Eakes:

Emilo Estevez:

Tom Cochrane:

Sebastian Bach:

Steve Tyler:

Paul Stanley:

Martha Stewart:

pistols at dawn said...

Man, this is great. Just last week, I was playing this exact game with friends. I am glad to know that on occasion, the world and I find the same things amusing.

katrocket said...

Dan: Many of your picks are already on the blog I mentioned, but thanks for playing! Jon Eakes is a perfect addition to the Canadian list. Martha Stewart is not a man (officially), and therefore is not a valid submission. In fact, I think she's a real lesbian, which disqualifies her entirely. However, she is still eligible for "Tranny or Fanny"!

Pistols: You played a game based on pop-culture that didn't have an 80s theme?! I'm so very proud of you for socializing outside your comfort zone!

Leonesse said...

Ha! A Canadian Thesbian petting his pussy? Priceless.

BeckEye said...

Jason Castro! How dare you, madam!

I can't believe you forgot Clay Aiken. He looks exactly like Cynthia Nixon, who is a lesbian now. She's not that old, but she's older than me.

Snooze said...

I'll never look at our Prime Minister the same way. Normally I look with disgust, but now I'll just giggle.

Falwless said...

kat--Thank you. I now have a new favorite game.

CoffeeDog said...

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians - ROFL! Loved it.

OMG UW said...

corey haim is canadian?!!?!

also, i swear to god Harper is and a woman who tends bar at a gay club in Kitchener are on in the same.

Grant Miller said...

Corey Haim is Canadian?