Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Olympic cuisine preview

In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics, the Beijing Food Safety Office has asked local restauranteurs to remove dog meat from their menus for the duration of the Games, in order to "respect the dining customs of different countries".

(Full news story here)

In response to the government's request, Chinese restauranteurs submitted a sample menu of dishes they will be offering during the Olympic Games:
  • Cream of Donkey soup

  • Red "Lesser" Panda medallions drizzled with a bamboo reduction

  • Chicken feet 'n' fries

  • Black Gibbonburgers

  • Spicy Cat Wraps

  • Palamino Poppers

  • Popcorn Monkey

  • Lettuce in Gravy on rice

  • Deer Penis Salad

  • Number 4 combo with Pepsi


Bert Bananas said...

They do a lot with rice, but they're not going to serve it my favorite way, democricey.

pistols at dawn said...

Giant Pandas are way more delicious, and there's like 800 times more of them. They're a girthy lot, that's all I'm saying.

Oh, I'm also saying: leave the Lesser panda alone.

Chris said...

"Deer Penis." Sounds like the title to a country song.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

No dogs? No dogs? You mean my Canine Culinary Club tour of Asia next month will be wasted? Argh! Why does this always happen to me? Well, there's always Korea, I guess.

Falwless said...

The braised ferret skewers are to die for. And I do mean that literally, don't eat those things, they're full of Campylobacter jejuni and E. coli. I'm not joking.

ginger b said...

Ohhh...I love cute, puppy burgers!