Wednesday, October 8, 2008

PMS Confessions

I just watched
Little House on the Prairie
and that stupid blind girl
made me cry.


SkylersDad said...

Now go purge your brain with some Walker, Texas Ranger re-runs.

rcubed said...

I started crying when I looked in the mirror this morning then dried the tears and ate half a loaf of bread. Hmm, I must be syncing up with you because I'm so close to Canada now.

Some Guy said...

That may be so, but the resulting post cracked me up!

Gwen said...

Try thinking about that Nellie bitch. That should make it stop.

pistols at dawn said...

What's crying like?

Mathdude said...

Why do blind people on TV look up all the time?

Leonesse said...

Maybe the bloggers are all synching up?

I can barely fit into my bra at the moment. Think that sounds good? No. They are sore as shit and can't be touched. Cosmic joke, that one.

Dr Zibbs said...

Did Nelly fling a milking pale at her? I love that episode.

steakbellie said...

god, i love you.....

James said...

It was PMS that made me cry during We Are Marshall, too.

Pussy man syndrome!

ginger b said...

2 months ago I wept because I couldn't understand why everyone had to be so mean to Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.

You're in good company.

BeckEye said...

Did you ever notice at the end of, like, every Little House episode, someone (usually Pa) always says, "Let's go home?" It's annoying.

T said...

She did have some beautiful blind-ass eyes though.

katrocket said...

Skydad: Chuck Norris always cheers me up.

r cubed: That's hilarious, but it's probably true.

some guy: thanks for stopping by!

gwen: couldn't you just kick that little bitch in the slats?

pistols: It's that thing you always do in the shower right after the doing of 'it'.

mathdude: because they're making stink-eyes at Jesus for taking away their sight.

leonesse: no pain, no gain, baby.

dr zibbs: I didn't watch the whole episode, so I might have missed the hot pailing action.

steakbellie: I love you too, but in a non-romantic way of course, since I also love your wife.

James: I made fun of you big time for that Marshall crying episode, so I'll retract those comments now that I've worn your shoes.

ginger b: Don't get me thinking about Elle's suffering, I'll totally lose it.

beckeye: When it comes to Little House, it's hard to focus on just one annoying thing.

T: HEY! I've missed you man! I agree, nice eyes, even after they stopped working.