Monday, October 27, 2008

We have a winner!

Dress Me Up contest results

There were lots of terrific costume suggestions:

Surviving Myself - sexy toaster

SO24 - sexy baked potato, sexy LiteBrite, sexy Tetris piece, sexy Chupacabra, plus some whining about no one taking him seriously (2 bonus points!)

Falwless - ceiling fan ("go ceilings!"), infant clownfish

Steakbellie - [classified!]

BeckEye - Q-Tip (not the rapper), sexy Q-Tip (the rapper)

Skyler's Dad - David Duchovny ("just hit on everything that moves") - this got a laugh from the jury, so Skydad gets an honourable mention

Dr. Zibbs - asked me to help him stalk me on Flickr in lieu of submitting a costume idea. 5 bonus points!

JDC - sexy nudist

Pistols At Dawn - unsexy Catholic girl... "Like that's even possible." (It is possible, Pistols - rent Superstar with Mary Catherine Gallagher).

Leonesse - a princess (I seriously considered this one, since I'm very unPrincesslike, and it would've been pretty funny)

James - sexy bag lady or scary Madonna. The jury worships Madonna, even the scary one, so this got a "boooooooo". (3 bonus points!)

T - "Go as yourself... -it can't get any sexier!" aaaaaaw shucks, thanks T! Honourable mention and 3 bonus points for flattery.

Jana - Aunt Jemima (would result in lost friendships, social leprosy, and a severe beating, but thanks anyway) or a scarecrow.

R is for Reading - Moi Rene... this was really entertaining. It's too obscure to pull off, but thanks a million for introducing me to Miss Honey! (5 bonus points!)

The Idea of Progress - a McKenzie brother. It's Bob & Doug, not "Bob & Dave", although the actor who plays Doug is Dave Thomas, so that was "a beauty way to go, eh"

Ask Alice - Sarah Palin. I think this will be a very popular costume this year, but I don't want to be shunned at the party. I also don't think I could stand hearing myself talk like that all night.

Imaginary Reviewer - Don Cherry. Great suggestion - because once again, I get to keep the Wilfred Brimley moustache. (2 bonus points!)

These are all very creative ideas, but I've decided to go with one of my own - Rich Uncle Moneybags Pennybags (thanks Pistols) from the Monopoly game.

It's a good choice for me, since I already have a top hat, cane and a suit, and it means I won't have to shave off my awesome Wilfred Brimley moustache.

As promised, I put all the entrants names in a hat (actually, it was an all-gay jury, so we used a stylish ceramic candy dish from Pottery Barn) and asked my esteemed jury to pull a name at random.

The winner of a superfly BBJ prize is
BeckEye of The Pop Eye
Please contact the management to claim your prize.

Congratulations BeckEye, and thanks to all the contest participants.

Stay tuned for my next holiday-theme contest: "Which of Katrocket's relatives will get a Christmas gift this year?" (There can be only one.)


pistols at dawn said...

Awesome. You may have only come in second in a beauty contest (collect $45), but you've come in first in our hearts. Unfortunately, the prize for that is just the opportunity to go to the nearest Utility, roll the dice, and pay its owner 4 times that number - 10 times if both utilities are owned by that person.

To prove that there is a silver lining, though, if that utility is unowned, you can purchase it from the bank.

I did not realize how conversant I was with the rules of Monopoly before beginning this comment. In closing, Oriental Avenue is racist.

Dr Zibbs said...

YES! I was hoping to get 5 points. Wait. That doesn't have coconut in it does it?

Gwen said...

Great costume idea! (your own) I may have to steal it. Since we live in different countries I assume you won't mind.

All of the above assumes I'll be invited to a party.

Kirsten said...

Congrats to the winners! I might have to steal the sexy toaster idea!

ÄsK AliCë said...

I love the Uncle Moneybags idea - you should be sure to carry a brown sac with a giant dollar sign on it - there's this rye that comes in a perfect little bag for it..Dry Sac?!

pistols at dawn said...

Also, his name is Uncle Pennybags, which fits in with the current recession.

theideaofprogress said...

That's what I get for commenting drunk, eh?

Besides, accuracy is for sucks.

BeckEye said...

Yay, I win!

T said...

Once again, flattery got me no-where...

surviving myself said...

Well, that's it. I said that if I didn't win this I was going to kill myself, so - I guess I have to do it.

Maybe I'll wait until after Christmas. I like presents more than killing myself.

So@24 said...

If that were me, I'd bet my monopoly on Electric Company and Water Works that by the end of the evening I'd be yelling out, "I got Park Place, BITCH" to everyone. And then proceed to baseball throw colorful moneys at people.

Here's hoping you do the same.