Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey kids, how were your holidays? I enjoyed my time off, but I'm back with a fresh new look to celebrate my return to blogging. I'm not completely satisfied with this design, so it may change over time, but that all-white template had to go. It stains too easily.

Okay, enough about you... I suppose a lot has happened over the past three weeks. I missed most of it, so feel free to fill me in. I'm not going to bait you with phenomenal tales about my vacation - they'll only make you intensely jealous of me and the glamourous life I lead, and neither of us want that, most especially not you.

Here's a few updates:

Katrocket Wins Prestigious Blogging Awards
After several years of complete failure at the Drysdale Awards, Grant Miller Media has bestowed Rocketradio with The Lifetime Achievement Award in the Field of Promoting Grant Miller Media. I'm sure there are some bitter losers out there who will make wild claims of nepotism, but ask yourself this: what have YOU done for Grant Miller lately?

some award-winning 2008 posts about Grant Miller Media:
Setting Free The Bears: Grant Miller and his stance on Gay Bear Dating
Grant is...Facebook: status updates from Grant Miller
Happy Birthday Grant Miller: a comprehensive dissertation on The Man and His Milestones

I was also awarded a Gold Star from Champion Lurker Bill Stankus from Just A Moment of Miscellany (thanks, Bill). This is especially cool because I had no idea that Mr. Stankus was a Rocketreader until a few days ago, which makes this the first blog award I've ever won that was not the direct result of intense lobbying and/or blackmail.

Following the Rocketroll
The blogroll has been updated with some fabulous new bloggers, and I finally caved and added that fucking Follower gadget that you're all so fond of. I promise I'll be adding your blog soon, so if you've been holding out on "following" Rocketradio for childish political reasons (i.e.- because I haven't been "following" your blog), I hope you're happy now.

I've got too many blogs and not enough time to maintain them, so I have moved all the short stories from my WordPress site over to this blog and I'll be shutting down r o c k e t a l k next week. The WP content is now tagged in the archives as "amazing stories" - I'm not kidding you. They are pretty fucking amazing. Waaaay more amazing than this shitty post.

Newsflash: Scientology helped Tom Cruise beat dyslexia
No logner fnuctoinlaly illiteraet, btu sitll a pompuos asshoel.

A lame joke I heard while watching Mythbusters at 2am:
Q: What's red and smells like blue paint?
A: Red paint.

Stuff I recently quit doing, but refuse to call "new year resolutions" in case I feel like doing them again some day:
- drinking coffee
- smoking cigarettes
- eating junk food (not to be confused with "eating junk")
- dating miserable cunts
- enjoying a carefree lifestyle that included coffee, cigarettes, junk food and cunts.


Poobomber said...

Hahah, welcome back!

Me likey the new template and color scheme, and because my own blog is a collection of mishmash junk, I can firmly state that I am the master of noticing problems: Your header image doesn't fit onto the page properly...too big.

Now I've gotten that little nitpicky BS out of the way (you asked right? Oh, no you didn't. nevermind.)

You must have been watching the same mythbusters I watched at 1am, hah. It's awesome watching the gang get drunk and shoot off a barrage of arrows (not the same people at the same time, mind you.)

katrocket said...

Hey Poobomber! The image header I'm seeing is actually smaller than the alotted space, but whatever, we're probably viewing it on different browsers, and I probably don't care. At least - unlike some other bloggers - my page doesn't take 2 minutes to load due to a vast collection of mishmash junk.

I truly enjoyed our Mythbusters moment of togetherness...

Gwen said...

Wow. That's a lot of fairly decent stuff to give up at one time. Why don't you just start with the cunts and see how the rest of it progresses?

Love the new look. It's very soothing.

pistols at dawn said...

If you don't want to date me anymore, you could just tell me directly (or through your attorneys, as per usual) as opposed to writing it here. Also, I ate all our junk food to help you with your resolution that I just learned about.

Some Guy said...

Welcome back and congrats of the Lifetime Achievement award!

I, for one, thought your lame joke was pretty funny.

Beth said...

Who wants to give up dating miserable cunts? You really want us to stop drinking?

Love the red paint joke.

Bill Stankus said...

Lurker? That's a first!

Regarding awards, I'm immune to lobbying but I will accept large cash bribes or a new car (non-American if you please).

i am playing outside said...

welcome back! on a scale of 1-10, you were missed at a Level 6.9 ... i mean i had my own stuff going on too, ya know. its not like i was just sitting here waiting and crying until you returned or anything. who do you think i am?

Lulu LaBonne said...

Deffo give up the cunts - but don't we all need some of that other stuff from time to time?

Nice new skin my dear

BeckEye said...

Ohhhh, you BITCH! You were one of my supporters in the "don't get the fancy new blogrolling gadget" camp. I'm not strong enough to keep this going by myself!

Cameron said...

You shouldn't smoke cigarettes, or miserable cunts. They're both bad for your health, although the cigarettes will kill you more slowly.

Bert Bananas said...

Now that you've become a Mormon, when do you leave on your Mission? I would definitely let you baptize me!

mike said...

I love cigarettes, coffee, junk food, miserable cunts, and your blog's new look.

Very nice to see you over at BC&RS, thank you!

WendyB said...

I haven't caved in on the follower thing yet. Must I?

red said...

Oooh. I like the new look.

I don't "follow" anyone, mainly because I don't get what it's all about, but thanks all the same.

katrocket said...

Gwen: I actually haven't given up everything at once - I started back in November I take it day by day.

Pistols: Try as you might, I won't ever think you're a cunt. And I won't ever give you the satisfaction of leaving you. But I do love the way you eat all my junk.

Some Guy: thanks! And yeah, the joke is pretty good actually.

Beth: Oh, you know me - all talk and no prospects, so I'm sure I'm not completely through with miserable cunts. And the red paint joke must be properly credited to Kari from Mythbusters!

Bill Stankus: oh, I didn't mean "lurker" in a bad way. I love lurkers! They're the lurkiest!

i am playing outside: That 6.9 is almost a 7, but waaay sexier.

Lulu: yes, we do need a few bad habits, so thank god I'm still drinking everyday.

BeckEye: Ok, I KNEW you would be disappointed in me, but I still support your anti-Following stance! I mean, Pistols is the reigning champion of fucking everything and he's no Follower either. Look, both of you are way more popular than me - you don't need these stupid gadgets like I do.

cameron: duly noted, which is why I'm doing my best to quit.

bert: oh gosh - I didn't even realize how Mormonesque this is. I refuse to wear the sacred underwear, though. I'm already on a mission - to be a heathier woman on my 40th birthday.

mike: dammit I love all those things, too. *sob*

Red and Wendy: no need to cave in to Following, ladies! See what I wrote to BeckEye - you're both popular gals who don't need guilt or trickery to attract new readers.

Grant Miller said...

God bless!

BeckEye said...

But...but....even PISTOLS has the gadget!

katrocket said...

BeckEye: "One of us! One of us! One of us!"