Thursday, April 16, 2009

REAL mutherf*ckin' snakes. REAL mutherf*ckin' plane.

This news story made me light-headed with giddyness:

Full story: Baby pythons escape during flight in Australia

Whatcho problem, bitch? Just chill, aight.MELBOURNE, Australia - Four baby pythons escaped from a container aboard a passenger plane in Australia, leading to a search that forced the cancellation of two flights, the airline said Thursday.

Twelve non-venemous Stimson pythons were being transported Tuesday on a flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne in the plane's cargo area in a bag inside a plastic foam box with air holes.

When the flight landed, it was discovered four snakes had escaped from the package, a Qantas spokeswoman said in a statement.

A reptile expert searched for the 15-centimetre-long snakes but did not find them.It was not known if the snakes were still on the plane or if they had somehow escaped outside after the plane landed.

Problem: Hmmmm. Possibly something to do with "air holes"?

Solution: "Ok, everybody strap in! I'm about to open some fucking windows!" - Samuel L. Jackson


SkylersDad said...

Yeah, holes in the box are never a good thing. You would think there was something like a little screen door?

And did they make a mid-flight announcement, like "There is no need to panic, but 4 Pythons are on the loose"

Soda and Candy said...

Whatever, they weren't even poisonous!!!

Plus, they were cute widdle baba snakes!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Life, meet art. Commence imitation.

Sally said...

Hi Katrocket
I found your blog through Mr London Street's site and this is my first read - excellent stuff :)

Yesterday was obviously a day for snake related news - this was another good one

Sally x

James said...

There can only be one explanation. The Ouroboros.