Thursday, May 21, 2009


Many of you gorgeous people (okay, three people actually) have kindly requested that I get back to blogging again pronto, and all I can say is that my new job is kinda getting in the way right now. The days are long, but the rewards are great - so far I'm loving my new workplace and colleagues, and I think they might have a crush on me too.

But enough of my excuses - it's contest time!

Other blogs host many contests, but ask yourself this: what do you really win? A link and shout out? A badge for your sidebar? A smoke and a pancake? The satisfaction of knowing that strangers think you're awesome? Yeah, I guess that's all pretty nice stuff, but Miss Rocket thinks you deserve better. I think you deserve something seriously fucking cool in your mailbox.

BEHOLD! This week I'm giving away this Limited Edition Original BBJ Belt Buckle! This buckle is one-of-a-kind, handmade by The Beevers in classic unisex black for all the sexy boys and girls.


1. Simply answer this skill-testing question: What would you do for this beaver buckle?

2. Your answer can be submitted in ANY format you desire, but here's a few ideas for ya: a drawing, a photo, a video, a poem (haiku, 8-words, sonnet, free verse, whatever), just a sentence or two, a short story (seriously short: 100 word maximum), a song -- anything that can be e-mailed, but otherwise no limits.

3. No - you won't really be required to do the thing you say you'll do for a beaver buckle, so you can let your sick little minds run wild if ya want, but please keep it above the buckle, okay? Rocketradio does not condone murderous rampages, looting sprees, or any other kind of criminal behaviour.

4. Winning entry will be judged on originality, creativity and humour. Artistic talent is not a requirement! All entries will be judged by a panel consisting of Katrocket and The Beevers (and who ever else is drinking with them that night).

5. E-mail your entry to with the subject line "Gimme Beaver!" All file formats are accepted.

Deadline: Friday, May 29th, 2009 at 5pm. Entries will be judged over the weekend and announced here on May 31, 2009. All entries will also be posted on Rocketradio for the collective pleasure of others, so by entering this contest, you are also consenting to your entry being posted on this blog.


1) You must not harm your children or pets.
2) You must not send me pictures or stories of your children or pets.
3) You must be willing to provide a shipping address if you win the contest.

So bust out the crayons, kids! You're all brilliantly creative souls out there, so this will be a tough contest. GAME ON.


So@24 said...

I can't compete with these great minds.

But I really want that Beaver.

Time to shoot a brainstorm email to Veggie Assass...

Soda and Candy said...

I wanted to win this, but lately I keep getting hit on by really quality gentlemen *cough**crazy perverts**cough* and I don't want to give them any more ammo...

I hope somebody awesome wins. Will you post all the entries?

Eric said...

Wow, that must be a huge buckle if it is a life sized regulation league beaver ensconced in the casting resin!

WendyB said...

The question is what WOULDN'T I do for a beaver buckle?

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

oh yeah, brain on!

Snooze said...

Fun! And so happy that you are loving your job.

Evil Genius said...

I want your beaver so much I can almost taste it!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Do you have a competition going at work to see who gets the most requests for their beaver? - great that you're loving it there

Phronk said...

I'm totally going to enter this. And I'll maybe even resist the urge to involve clever alternate meanings for the word beaver.

Mostly I just want to give you my home address in hopes I'll acquire a stalker.

catherinette said...

If I can't harm children, then I'm not playing.

I had such plans for the niece and nephew. Damn it.