Saturday, July 7, 2012

garden panoramarama

A million thanks to the talented landscapers and gardeners who create a luscious paradise every summer around my building. Here are some panoramic shots I took after this morning's rain.

(click to embiggen)

I'll post some images from my own garden soon...


James said...

Love the fountains and the whole George Jetson feel.

What kind of camera did you use for the panoramas?

katrocket said...

Yeah, I like our space-age fountains too! They were originally built in 1959, and when they rebuilt the grounds in 2005, they did a nice job of keeping most of the original design while adding some contemporary garden features and benches.

I took the panoramas with my mobile phone(a Nokia N8 12 MP) because despite the small lens, my mobile cam produces better resolution photos than my 4 year-old digital SLR (8 MP)! I use an app suite called "Camera Lover" for the Symbian-3 platform. It contains 5 different photo format tools, including Panorama and Retromatic (like Instagram, makes things look "vintage").

It has taken some practice to get smoothly transitioned images, but it's a great app and one of my favourite toys at the moment. By the way, there's some more cool panoramas over at my photo blog -