Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One More Phoney

Illustration by Donald Rust

The following was a comment I made on Steakbellie's rant about jerks on cellphones. I decided it might make for good filler on my own blog. Does this make me a bad person?

Until recently, I was sporting an old skool rotary phone at home. It was a sweet horn - I pimped it out with handpainted flames and skulls & crossbones. Then the phone company contacted me:

"Sorry ma'am, but our current technology will no longer support analog dialer phones".

Hmph. "That's some pretty shitty technology you've got there." I say.

Now I have a mobile phone that requires a Homer Simpson dialing wand because my fingers are too fat for the teeny-tiny keys. I rarely turn it on because I despise others who yak like obnoxious twats in public, and I don't like that Star Trek "beam me up" feeling I get.

I've just re-discovered the joy of payphones. Every call makes me feel like I'm setting up a big score with my homies.