Friday, May 29, 2009

Buckle Up!

Today is the day -- last call for anyone who wants to win a BBJ buckle, and I'm extending the deadline until Saturday May 30.

Entry response has been unexpectedly low. Did I make the contest too difficult, or does no one want this fabulous prize?

I'm disappointed, my friends, but maybe you're too busy? Or maybe I've lost all my readers because I never blog anymore? Is America suffering from a post-Glambert funk? Has the blog world grown tired of free stuff?

Maybe I had you all wrong. Maybe you're not willing to do anything for a Beaver buckle?

NO. I refuse to believe that.

So I'll make it easier for you: if you'd like your name in the draw, leave a comment in the thread or send your e-mail address to . A Winner will be chosen on Sunday... although at this point, I'm thinking about keeping it for myself...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Many of you gorgeous people (okay, three people actually) have kindly requested that I get back to blogging again pronto, and all I can say is that my new job is kinda getting in the way right now. The days are long, but the rewards are great - so far I'm loving my new workplace and colleagues, and I think they might have a crush on me too.

But enough of my excuses - it's contest time!

Other blogs host many contests, but ask yourself this: what do you really win? A link and shout out? A badge for your sidebar? A smoke and a pancake? The satisfaction of knowing that strangers think you're awesome? Yeah, I guess that's all pretty nice stuff, but Miss Rocket thinks you deserve better. I think you deserve something seriously fucking cool in your mailbox.

BEHOLD! This week I'm giving away this Limited Edition Original BBJ Belt Buckle! This buckle is one-of-a-kind, handmade by The Beevers in classic unisex black for all the sexy boys and girls.


1. Simply answer this skill-testing question: What would you do for this beaver buckle?

2. Your answer can be submitted in ANY format you desire, but here's a few ideas for ya: a drawing, a photo, a video, a poem (haiku, 8-words, sonnet, free verse, whatever), just a sentence or two, a short story (seriously short: 100 word maximum), a song -- anything that can be e-mailed, but otherwise no limits.

3. No - you won't really be required to do the thing you say you'll do for a beaver buckle, so you can let your sick little minds run wild if ya want, but please keep it above the buckle, okay? Rocketradio does not condone murderous rampages, looting sprees, or any other kind of criminal behaviour.

4. Winning entry will be judged on originality, creativity and humour. Artistic talent is not a requirement! All entries will be judged by a panel consisting of Katrocket and The Beevers (and who ever else is drinking with them that night).

5. E-mail your entry to with the subject line "Gimme Beaver!" All file formats are accepted.

Deadline: Friday, May 29th, 2009 at 5pm. Entries will be judged over the weekend and announced here on May 31, 2009. All entries will also be posted on Rocketradio for the collective pleasure of others, so by entering this contest, you are also consenting to your entry being posted on this blog.


1) You must not harm your children or pets.
2) You must not send me pictures or stories of your children or pets.
3) You must be willing to provide a shipping address if you win the contest.

So bust out the crayons, kids! You're all brilliantly creative souls out there, so this will be a tough contest. GAME ON.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OMG! it's GM at FTA!

It seems like only months ago I was bestowed with an illustruous Drysdale Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Promoting Grant Miller Media. I do it all for the love, people - not the glory - though I've never been one to shun a little glory when it comes my way.

I know it's been a disappointing year so far, what with my general lack of blogging about anything, but that all changes today, my friends.

Do yourself a big comedy favour and check out Grant Miller's recent post on Fire That Agency! It's our first boycott, so I do hope you will join us for some light refreshments and polite rage.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Staycation and the Skygarden

Sorry I've been absent lately, but I've been on a surprise staycation for the past couple of weeks - the kind of stay-at-home vacation that poor people often get to take when they become suddenly unemployed.

I lost my job about 10 days ago, but save your pity for the fools my friends, because it was a job I was quite happy to leave behind. I'm pretty good at getting myself fired from really crappy jobs and then somehow landing a much crappier job. When opportunity closes a door on me, I usually walk around back and kick in a basement window. This method always ends very badly, so I'm trying a new approach.

I did not shed a single tear or take a few days to regroup. I got myself a haircut, a new frock, and made a single phone call to a former colleague. I have an interview this afternoon with a brand new company run by some people I've worked with in the past and really want to work with again, so wish me luck.

I've tried to stay off the internet and do some constructive things around the Kathaus, instead of just drinking and losing myself in the Playstation for days at a time. Okay, yeah - I did that all weekend - but I spent last week doing lots of spring cleaning and refinishing some recently acquired used furniture. I also prepared the fabulous urban Skygarden for planting...

This is last summer's garden, taken just days before it was completely obliterated by a freak hailstorm. I'm learning from my past mistakes: no more stupid petunias. I need plants that thrive in lots of sun, but petunias can't stand up to the high winds I get in this location.

This will be my very first attempt at recycling an entire garden from seeds and bulbs I've been saving all year, instead of using those expensive greenhouse-grown seedlings from the garden centre. I'm usually too lazy to consider this a viable option, but what can I say? I'm getting into the recession spirit!

Oh, I haven't forgotten about the BBJ buckle contest - it's coming next week, after I sort out this job business...

In the meantime, Tawny the Testcard Girl has asked for some extra hours to help support her chronic hairspray addiction during these tough economic times, so please make her feel welcome. Turkeyboy has also been harrassing me for part-time work, but he needs to get over his Seasonal Inaffectiveness Disorder before I can take him seriously.