Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hassling the Hoff

One of our regular bike courier dudes came in the office today wearing a t-shirt under his coat that said "DON'T HASSLE THE HOFF"

And while I'm usually a staunch defender of Hoffness, that catchphrase has enjoyed it's fifteen minutes and needs to retire.

I'd also like to remind everyone just WHY the Hoff gets Hassled.


yournamehere said...

Does this mean I'm going to have to stop wearing my "Free Amy Fisher" t shirt?

Econauts said...

Better than the Speedo.

Bert Bananas said...

Speaking of Amy Fisher, about four years ago I met Joey Buttafucco and his then current flame. He'd just been in the paper, arrested for insurance fraud. For some reason, people some times come out and talk to me while I'm painting their address on the curb and we got into a spirited discussion about what pricks cops can be, and how innocent men like him get caught up in their vindictiveness, him being innocent an' stuff...

A few weeks later the paper had a story about him pleading guilty. I was SOOOO disillusioned!

I've never met the Hoff, but I've been to one of his huts.

katrocket said...

yournamehere: thanks for stopping by! The Fisher drama happened a while ago, that shirt's got retro-cool value. Wear with pride!

Major Dude: Point taken. I loved him in the K.I.T.T. leather outfit tho'

Bert: I can't believe you've been sitting on a HoffHut story. Do tell!

pistols at dawn said...

That picture: wow. And I'm happy to retire "Don't Hassle the Hoff" after we all collectively agree that the phrase "jumping the shark" has - in an ironic twist - itself "jumped the shark."

I hate all things that have been beaten into the ground but that the people saying them/wearing apparel emblazoned with them still think are the height of wittiness. At this point, that's like saying "The Man" and thinking you have to explain yourself. We get it. In fact, past tense: we got it, and like San Fran gold mines, that vein's tapped and it's time for us all to move on and find something else.

steakbellie said...

never heard that before!
I'd wear that shirt 24-7's