Thursday, June 12, 2008

the Kathouse Oasis

What the hell is going on with Mother Nature? Has she been drinking again? Could it be menopause?

Last week it was hot and humid, but today I had to go put on a sweater and wool socks. That can't be right.

Anyways, I thought I would show off my lovely urban garden oasis to you, just in case it's completely wiped out by snow and ice tomorrow. I took these photos last week, when it was summer.

I'm fortunate to live downtown and still have a pretty view like this. I'm overlooking Canada's oldest cemetery/arboretum - 200 acres of protected parkland containing thousands of plant species, in addition to thousands of dead people. They are quiet and considerate neighbours.

"Sweet 100" cherry tomatoes - my first attempt at growing vegetables. No wait- tomato is a fruit, right? Okay, so it's not the first time I've had fruits on my balcony, but at least these ones won't drink all my vodka and bum all my cigarettes.
For those of you who are distressed by the current tomato shortage, I'll have hundreds to share with you in a couple of months.

[UPDATE: stem rot set in weeks later, rendering me a big fat liar.]

Herbs! Chives, basil, sage, rosemary, dill, and Italian flat leaf parsley.Coming soon, but currently indoors for their own protection: coriander, and spearmint

Delphinium (blue), Disco marigold (yellow), petunias, assylum and lobelia (whites). They look a bit scrawny right now, but they should fill out nicely after a couple of weeks of hot weather.
Two weeks ago, I found myself in a heated battle with some local pigeon gangs. They are stubborn little fuckers. I was desperate to scare them away, and a friend suggested that I place a large, hideous, plastic owl prominently on display, because pigeons don't like owls or something like that. Well, I don't like big plastic owls either, so I put up this poster in my window, and I'm happy to report that they've stopped hanging around:

Thanks Amy! I owe you one, girl!


Falwless said...


That'd scare any living creature, wings or no wings.

I love your beautiful little garden (and your view!). If I didn't so skillfully kill everything I try to grow, I would totally grow some herbs, too. There's nothing better than fresh cilantro. Mmmmmmm.

doorknob_dan said...

Hahaha, your owl picture just about scared ME off too!

So where do you hide the grow op for the panama red? Is this your 'green' apartment rented under a fake name? Where do you really live - the place without all the grow-op-mold?

Also, your balcony looks great for drinking coolers on and throwing garbage over...

Radmila said...

If that's where I think it might be...I used to live in the little 3 story building next door..overlooking the cemetery as well.

The Guv'ner said...

I covet your view and balcony situation. I am drooling with the envy. Or it might just be some sort of oral incontinence....

And yes! Coolers on the balcony! ALRIIIIIIIIIGHT!

katrocket said...

falwless: I love cilantro (coriander) too. Many herbs are actually quite easy to grow, so give it a try! Chop some up with a little sweet red pepper and add it to store-bought salsa - people will call you a genius. But I'm sure you're tired of hearing that already.

Dan: No grow-op, merely a botanical experiment. Come on over for a cooler anytime!

Radmila: codeword "brentwoods". I think all the neighbourhoods that surround this cemetary are quite fabulous. I hope I never have to leave.

Guv'ner: There's always one waiting on ice for you! Besides, someone has to make sure The Doorknob gets home alive.

pistols at dawn said...

Well, now I'm going to track down that park so I can stalk pantsless you.

Snooze said...

Your gardening skills are impressive. I kill any herb near me. But I will not be deterred this year.

James said...

Nice tomatoes.

That plant is pretty cool too. ;) Sweet 100 are cherry tomatoes, right? If so, expect hundreds.

Let me know how that Delphinium plant does in the pot. I've never actually grown those, but I think they get pretty damn tall. Might even come back next year if your treat it right.

katrocket said...

pistols: I'll be sure to keep the blinds open for you.

snooze: try a cactus, or some petunias - really low maintenance.

james: the delphinium is supposed to grow to about 14 inches tall, but a friend of mine has grown some that are twice as tall. She's got an acre to plant on, and I have less than 1 cubic foot of dirt - maybe the pot size affects height? And yes, those are cherry tomatoes and there's 4 plants in that pot. Probably a bad idea to scrunch 'em in like that, eh? Even if one plant produces anything, it's gonna be way too many damn tomatoes.

Dale said...

Thankfully, you didn't get the hailstorm we got in Richmond Hill, it was brutal. Your lovely garden looks, um, lovely!