Friday, July 20, 2012

the garden of eatin'

Some of you faithful Rocketeers have witnessed the decade-long evolution of the Skygarden, my little patch of green that overlooks a much bigger patch of green. Well, I've added several more containers and tried my hand at some vegetable gardening this summer. Go ahead and click to make 'em bigger...

overlooking Mount Pleasant

nasturtiums, verbena, morning glory, somona, marigolds

cherry tomatoes and cucumbers
tomatoes on deck!

the herb garden: mesclun lettuce, tarragon, summer savory, dill, rosemary, basil, cilantro, thyme, mint, and parsley

strawberries soon!!


James said...

Looking good! Love the tomatoes. The bamboo sticks are a nice touch.

That reminds me...I've got to take some pics of the ghetto garden for you.

katrocket said...

Thanks James! My homemade bamboo cages were a necessity for me - I find those metal ring cages are a bit unsightly, but I couldn't find any that were tall enough to support these plants (currently close to 6.5 ft tall). I also waited too long to stake the tomatoes and cucumbers, so I had to find a way to build the cages around the plants for minimal damage. It turns out that bamboo stakes and small gauge galvanized wire were not only better looking, it was also far less expensive. I made a total of 5 cages for just under $13!