Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Adjö frends!

Just when party is started, is now time for Günther to say "adjö!" und goodbye to all ü sexxy blogging ppls. Was much fun with ü - hope ü will see me soon.

I get many massages from ü all saying these things like "how can I see ür sexy Günther bum up in front of my own face?" It is very lucky for ü that Günther and the Sunshine Girls will return 2 America in October for 2 big sexy shows coast 2 coast!

October 15, 2008 - Boston MA Guntherpalooza!
October 16, 2008 - Freeborn Hall, UC Davis campus near Sacramento California!

You can go to MySpace for details, and this video give ü a special taste of the glamour that wait 4 ür beautiful eyes to see!

love & respect,
Gunther Pleasureman


Falwless said...

I am going to miss all the champagne and respect.

Bluzlover said...

I was still trying to understand this mysterious man, and now he's gone. How will I ever learn the Gunther moves?

Warren Beatty said...

I like your style.