Friday, August 1, 2008

hot and crazy sömmer nites!

Hej fleurtje friends!

How going ür sömmar?

Günther been traveling world in a gentleman 2008 Eurostyle
with hot ladys and kool champagne,
looking for love deep in the nite.
This is the land of forbidden fruit ...
bananas, melonas, yeah!

Kat is on vacances, so we must keep the sexy alive!
It is time to take ür chance and join my naked dance.

What do ü do on hot and crazy sömmer nites?
please 2 share about ür vacances storys with me...
Let Günther feel your enormous emotion,

ooh la la! cha cha cha!

no no looking at teeny weeny string bikini at ür werks pls!


poobomber said...

Dear Gunther,

The question WE want to know is, what do YOU do in you hot summer evenings? I mean sure, we can see in the videos that you're dancing around with ladies, but that can't be every day can it? What do you do in your downtime? When no one else is around....what goes on in Guntherland?


Tony Spunk said...

Hey. This dude, is trying to outcool the Spunk. This might be war, Swedish amigo.

BeckEye said...

Hey, I'm back from my vacation so the sexy is somewhat safe until Kat gets back.