Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had an excellent birthday yesterday, thanks in part to your kind wishes, and the overwhelming generousity of my beautiful friends. For all the sordid party details, please read the The Guv'ner's Official Kat Birthday Commission Report on the year's most stud-starred event.

I've also got some pics of my birthday booty (as in "treasure", not "ass") to better illustrate the full degree of awesomeness.

I received a pair of black low-top Converse All Stars from my BFFs Trixie and Beever. I love them Beevers! I've wanted a new pair of Chucks for a long time. I need all the help I can get to regain my Hipster Doofus status after that incident at Starbucks which now prevents me from loitering around on their sticky sofas with my laptop.

No mo' Snarbuck!

A little something from myself - a new skin for the Rocketfone! I have a very generic cellphone, which only led to terrible mobile ownership confusion in the past, so I designed this skin myself, to help reduce those late night bar brawls. Now my phone is so much cooler than your phone could ever hope to be.

My dad got me a ticket to see Duran Duran tonight at the ACC! I was a big fan of DD as a teen, and I missed out on seeing them live way back in the old days, so 22 years later, I'll finally live the dream.

Super sexy cookbook author and local celebrity chefetainer Ryan Jennings gave me an autographed copy of his brand new book, Entertaining With Booze, which coincidentally was my nickname in college. It's a gorgeous, glossy publication full of great tips, delicious recipes, and top-notch food porn. Makes an excellent holiday enabling gift for your favourite alcoholic.

The inimitable Daddy K bestowed me with this cute Mini-Munny Zipper Pull. I've named him Stan. He may be tiny, but be cautious - he's packin' a shiv. Never trust a guy with a fucking hook growing out of his head.

Someone out there knows how to ride the Rocket.

It's 'Milk'n'Honey' scented, too.

God bless you.

As for the request for your Drysdale votes, thanks to all the folks who have already chosen me among a field of tough contenders for Blogger of The Year. Unlike the other Bloggers who are pathetically begging for your votes today, I'm not going to resort to sad, desperate pleas for your attention.

Not in this post anyways.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Awesome stash!!! You're no one without some Chuck lowtops. Mine are red and funkeh. Well red anyway...

Whenever I'm near Starbucks I think of "NO MO SNARBUCK" and guffaw like a lunatic.

pistols at dawn said...

My gift to you was my shameless begging for attention.

Also, I started writing you a song, and got one line down: "Like sex with me, this song will end in 30 seconds and very disappointingly/and despite the fact that it's supposed to be about you, most of the lines will be about me" and then I remembered you hate my music, so the greatest gift I could give you was not finishing that song and then subjecting you to it. Happy birthday!

Gwen said...

"The incident at Starbucks" is one of the best stories I've heard in a long time. You, my friend, are a peacemaker and you shall likely inherit the Earth. Or you'll get scabies from a deaf retard. Either way.

I'm so very glad you had a hippy bathday yesterday. You got awesome loot! Enjoy that D2 show! They still kick ass and I'd still do whatever John Taylor wanted - anything.

Dr Zibbs said...

Sweet phone.

Radmila said...

Happy Birthday Kat!!!

BeckEye said...

I can't wait to hear about the DD concert. They are awesome.

And everyone knows you don't have to beg for votes. You have a "special" arrangement with Grant Miller. Apparently, Pistols' arrangement is a little "specialer."

Some Guy said...

Nice haul!

Jon said...

Dammit, I missed your birthday. Hope you had a nice one!

franki said...

This is my first time over here and I am so jealous of your customized cell phone skin that I may never come back.

But Happy Birthday Late anyways.

i am playing outside said...

wow. so many things in common with you. chucks for the birthday. the razr phone [how did you design your own skin? ... im basically asking how you got it printed] ... and in your last post, you have a grilled cheese picture... i used it on my blog a month ago! haha. yay you! blogroll here you come!

Falwless said...

I am ridiculously obsessed with that Milk & Honey scent. To me it reminds me of being at the beach. It always evokes great memories, every time I smell it. I have a shitload of that soap at home. LOVE. IT!

Glad your birthday was fabulous!!

Snooze said...

Your phone skin is awesome and I am coveting the shoes. But nothing can beat that song by Pistols.

katrocket said...

Veg-Ass: Red is a great choice - my first pair of Chucks at age 16were red hi-tops. And I approached Starbucks about selling my "No Mo Snarbuck" t-shirts in their stores but as usual, I ordered incorrectly (without using Italian made-up words) and they treated me like shit.

Pistols: Thanks for your shameless begging - I always have 30 seconds for you. And I would've loved that song, because (as you would say) "it's mostly about me".

Thanks Gwen! DD was awesome (more on that later), and glad you liked the Deaf Retard story - there's some gold in them there archives.

Zibbs: it is a sweet phone - but mostly because my current ringtone is the theme from Magnum P.I.

Thanks Radmila!

BeckEye: Duran Duran was a really fun show (full review later), and it seems you have an even specialer arrangement with Grant than I do because I'm losing bad!

some guy / jon/ franki: thanks for the birthday wishes!

i am playing outside: yay! new blogfriend! You can make your own phone skins at http://mytego.com

falwless: It does smell pretty nice, but I like it for "other reasons".

snooze: Receiving new shoes is the most magical thing ever. Also, Pistols spoils me.

So@24 said...

I'd like to get on the waiting list for the Rocket Fone please.

mike said...

Glad you had a nice birthday. I also liked the Starbucks story...

Stewie said...

Oh how I <3 Chucks. I prefer hightops, but lows are just fine, too.

Fantastic Starbucks story, too.

Happy belated!