Wednesday, July 30, 2008

have a Swede time with Günther!

Tomorrow I'll be leaving town for a week. I don't usually post everyday, and I'm not as popular as some of these other folks in my blogroll, so I suppose if I had not mentioned it, my absense would have gone unnoticed. But I wanted you to enjoy my vacation as much I am going to enjoy my vacation, so I have a little treat for you.

Rocketradio is pleased to introduce you to Günther Pleasureman, your guest blogger for the next 7 days! Günther is a Swedish pop star, and knows very little about blogging, but when I asked for his assistance, he replied with his signature enthusiasm, and wrote that he was "eager to give me pleasure". His command of the english language is a little shaky at times, so when he also wrote: "I would be delighted to fill you inside", I think he really meant to say: "I would be delighted to fill in for you." He's so sweet!

Günther and I go way back. Before he joined forces with The Sunshine Girls and became a Sexy International Pop Superstar, we worked together at [redacted] and made a whole lot of [redacted] with our [redacted]. Well, then that thing happened and we all had to lay low for while. I went to work on the other side of the lens, and Günther found his true calling in the [real] entertainment industry as Sweden's premier sex symbol and dance club performer. But in spite of his amazing popularity all over the world, Günther can still find the time to help out a friend in need. He truly is a pleasure, man.

To learn more about Günther, you can visit his website, or watch this video (both might be NSFW for some of you):

See you next week - please be gentle with Günther. He totally loves it that way!


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Dr Zibbs said...

You are totally rock and/or roll!

pistols at dawn said...

Who hasn't tried to fill Kat's shoes with moderate success?