Friday, April 25, 2008

I hear plumbers earn good coin

Today, Rocketstudio HQ was scheduled for an annual plumbing inspection. That's not a euphemism for anything. A plumber quite literally came into my apartment and turned on all the taps and checked for leaks and replaced the flapper thingy in the back of the toilet.

Every suite in the building is getting a little spring maintenance, so the management issued notices about it a couple days ago. Like any concerned modern hausfrau, I made sure I cleaned my bathroom before the plumber got here. I naturally assumed that the other residents would do this, too. You know, cuz otherwise it's just gross.

The plumber was really handsome and quite fit. It's the only time I've ever thought: "I would really like to see some more of that plumber's butt." Sadly, he was wearing overalls.

So while he was disassembling my toilet, he said: "Wow. This is the cleanest can I've seen all day."

I find that pretty hard to believe. My lavatory is definitely sparkling awesome, but c'mon, out of 250 suites, surely some tenants must have cleaned-up prior to their inspection.

Do you think he was coming on to me?


doorknob_dan said...

I like playing with plumbers (albeit not in the way you particularly want to play with him perhaps).

Take a chocolate bar and drop it in the reservoir. Of course that's an impossibility for a poop to get into the tank like that, so he'd be perplexed for a while. And maybe so lost in thought you could jump him without him knowing.

You're welcome.

(You could also say, "You know what else is spotless? My lady bits. Care to see?")

Falwless said...

I don't suggest following Dan's advice, as a woman who craps in the reservoir tank isn't usually immediately thought of as "sexy" or "most likely a helluva lay."

I'm pretty sure yours was most sparkling.

In other news, I've noticed you, Dan and I aren't doing shit this afternoon except wasting time. Awesome.

pistols at dawn said...

He was looking at your ass, silly.

Also, Dan, that process is called "upper decking" someone's toilet, and it's sooooooo freshman year.

rcubed said...

God that is so hot. First the butt crack picture and then a scenario with Overalls AND a housecleaning compliment? It's weird your site hasn't been banned--I can still access it at work. Yes! *fist pump*

red said...

No man is ever "really handsome" in overalls. Ever.

Snooze said...

I love the fact he noted how clean your toilet was. Can you imagine some of the toilets he has to service? Bleh.

Leonesse said...

"Wow. This is the cleanest can I've seen all day."

Wow, that is one great sweet nothing if I've ever heard one.

Bert Bananas said...

So you couldn't get him to rotor-rooter you?

Bluzlover said...

It was definitely a come on. In plumber speak, that translates into, "Wow. That's the hottest ass I've seen all day."